Artminers’ Mission

The Institute for Sustainable Mining (Artminers) is an international, non-governmental organization whose purpose is: 

To use education and educational demonstrations to promote sustainable, clean mining methods to the world’s poorest miners to stop environmental and health risks caused by the misuse of toxins to extract minerals and other valuable materials from the earth.

To work cooperatively with local and global NGOs to promote sustainable mining, and to improve the working conditions of artisanal and small-scale miners, particularly in areas of child labor, education, gender equality and health.

To work cooperatively with NGOs to influence governments and citizens to reduce or eliminate the use of other products which are the result of environmentally toxic, socially unfair or repressive mining practices.

“El Callao Cowboy”, 3 year old, extremely charming son of a gold miner from the El Callao region of Venezuela.  Lumex breath testing revealed extremely elevated levels of mercury. This photo was shot in 2003,

Photo by A.J. Gunson


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Fair trade gold initiatives are being launched, pledges have been signed, and you are still unable to find gold wedding rings or sets as pure as your love.

Traceability is key. The use of toxins and its legacy of conflict and destruction seems like an insurmountable factor.

Every day, nearly three tons of mercury is being released into our environment by artisanal and small scale gold mining activities. Most of these miners know no other way. The current system is designed to continue the status quo. And now it’s in our fish, our children, and all of us. For generations to come.

For as little as $40, you can contribute to the solution by purchasing a Cleangold tool for a subsistence gold miner, to replace toxins while increasing their income.

You can also request that your jeweler support Artminers before you buy.

And, tell those who are sharing in your celebration about us.

This is how you can help. Please write to us with any questions.

Thanks again for visiting our site. Stay tuned.

Kristina Shafer, Director, Artminers